Finding Homologous Species – Biological Sequence Analysis

Our surroundings comprises of distinct unicellular and multicellular organisms. With many new organisms being discovered daily. However the challenge that lies in front of biological scientists is to identify their association with already discovered organisms. This is where the role of biological sequence analysis becomes important and worthy.

It plays an important role in patenting of new biological and chemical discoveries. As, any mistake in sequencing will straightaway hand you the office action from patent office. Thus, this article will provide you complete guidance on biological sequence analysis service and how it helps you in securing your invention.

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What do you understand by Sequence Analysis?

Proteins and amino acids are the basis of every living organism on this planet. The sequences of these amino acids or nucleotides in all the living organisms are termed as their respective biological sequences.

When we talk about biological sequence analysis, it means to analyze and compare the biological sequences of multiple organisms with each other. It includes comparing aligns, indexes, nucleotides and protein sequences. It is of great use for industries working in bioinformatics and modern biology. We will study it furthermore in the article, so keep reading.

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Applications of Sequence Analysis

Evolution is the law of nature, and hence every organism present around us be it viruses, bacteria or anything else. They all are the modified versions of their ancestor biological family.

So the principle behind biological sequence analysis is, species exhibiting similarities in their DNA, RNA, and protein sequences belong to same class of evolution. That is evolution of one species has lead to the existence of other.

Sequences of species are lined up to get similarity in them as much as possible using the process of alignment. Thus, greater the similarity more identical the species are.

Biotechnologists take the help of biological sequence analysis whenever they develop a new medicine or vaccine for any viral or bacterial disease. It establishes the relation of new bacteria/viruses to its ancestors if any exists, also known as homologues species.

So, two species sharing common ancestors are known as homologues species. If found homologous biotechnologists modify the treatment of already existing bacteria/virus for its new evolved species.

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Where to get accurate sequencing analysis services?

Getting reliable biological sequencing services are must, as biological sequence analysis helps you to group similar species together. Using this homology, you can take necessary actions like developing cure and vaccines for some lethal diseases all around the world evolved from their previous form. “The sequence listing company” stands with you in all such scenarios.

We help you provide correct sequence in your patents that follows the standards prescribed by the PTO filing in this work as our professionals are completely aware of standards of sequence listing. We provide you easy and cost effective services that meets the US and Foreign sequence listing requirements. Read more about our services here.

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