Sequence Listing Errors – You Must Avoid

Looking forward to a biological and biotechnological patent, sequence listing is inevitable to your patent application. Make sure you prepare the sequences that are as per the standards and are free from sequence listing errors.

Abiding the sequence listing rules is as important as following the other patent application guidelines. In this article, we will learn the common mistakes that people commit while preparing sequence listings that ultimately lead to the rejection of their application at the patent office. Also, you must avoid them at any cost to create a seamless patent application for a quick approval.

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Common Types of Sequence Listing Errors to avoid

Avoiding errors and pertaining to guidelines is something very crucial when it comes to preparing a patent application. And it becomes even more critical when you have your sequence listing attached to your patent application. Nevertheless, it is possible to prepare a seamless sequence listing if prepared with much caution and patience and obviously by having a few up-to-the-mark tools at hand.

Let us now scrutinize the sequence listing errors that have been commonly observed.

  • Files not being submitted as plain text
  • Incorrect Format
  • Non-consecutive Sequence ID (SEQID) numbers
  • Missing Numeric tags
  • Invalid sequence features describing ambiguities in the reporting features.

Moreover, there are variations of sequence listing errors like extraneous text at the end of the listings, and inconsistencies in the reporting number of sequences. No matter how trivial the error is, it can straightaway lead to the rejection of the patent application at the PTO.

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Errors WITHIN the Sequence Listing

Although a majority of the errors lie in the format of the sequence listings but to some extent mistakes have been found within the sequence itself. As we said earlier, no matter how small the error is, we cannot and must not ignore it. Even if you did, it surely will catch the eye of the patent examiner.

Take a look at the below-mentioned errors that have been encountered in the sequence listings:

  • English Language Words: patent examiners often come across certain English language words which doesn’t make up a relevant protein sequence. Also, letters like ‘J’, ‘O’, ‘U’, do not abbreviate for any relevant amino acid. So, such an error raises question over the credibility of claims made about the sequences.
  • Date of Sequence Modification: upon making certain modifications to the listings prior to the submission to the patent office. There are modifications in the title, name of the inventor, date, etc. and also there is a specific format to write them. The error seems especially critical with the dates, the most common single error in the WIPO listings.
  • Sequence Listings in Word Document: sequence listing is a plain text, not a word document. Currently, Microsoft Word offers many features to edit the text and format and then save the file. Those features unwittingly make major changes to the original sequences.
  • Extraneous Text: the quality of text in this category includes – header and footer information like page number and modification date. The predicted reasons for this error include – software bugs, transfer of information between different versions of the word document, cutting and pasting of text, and transfer of documents via e-mail.

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