How TSLC’s Sequence Listing Service Helped an IAM 500 Law Firm Streamline Patent Operations 

Patent applications in the biotechnology domain require a detailed sequence listing, which is a critical part of the patent application process. These listings are essential for determining the scope of a patent and ensuring its compliance with international patent filing requirements. However, creating and maintaining sequence listings can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive, and challenging task, and not all businesses have in-house capabilities to manage the same. Thus, it is often recommended to avail the sequence listing service of an external partner expert in the space.

This case study discusses how The Sequence Listing Company (TSLC) helped a top-tier IAM 500 law firm in managing the sequence listings for its clients’ patent applications. You will read about the solution provided by TSLC and the impact it created. But first, let us delve into the challenges in this case study.

The Challenge

A partner from a big law firm of 1000 attorneys was looking for an external vendor to handle more than 150 sequence listings annually. The law firm has a large number of clients that require sequence listing service for their patent applications, demanding significant time and resources. The partner recognized the need for a more streamlined process; hence, an external partner that could handle the volume of sequence listings while reducing the amount of time, budgets, and resources required. The challenge was to develop an efficient and scalable solution that could meet the needs of the law firm and its clients, while ensuring high-quality sequence listings, legal compliance, and timely delivery within the given resources and time constraints.

The Solution

The Sequence Listing Company came to the rescue by providing an innovative solution that could streamline the process of generating sequence listings for the law firm. Leveraging our team of biotech and sequence listing experts, we were able to develop multiple algorithms in-house to generate sequence listings as per the recent ST26 standards. The algorithms reduced the time and resources required to generate sequence listings, providing significant cost savings to the client.

To ensure the accuracy of their listings, TSLC also implemented a rigorous three-level quality control process that further reduced the need for additional resources and time. This process helped ensure compliance with the latest ST.26 standards, and maintain the quality of sequence listing service while handling a large volume of requests.

The Impact

TSLC was able to deliver 100 sequence listings for the client in a span of just seven months, including four sequence listings with over 40,000 sequences and with over 98% quality. This was a significant achievement for the client, who had been struggling to generate high-quality sequence listings. The algorithms and the three-level check process implemented by The Sequence Listing Company not only helped the law firm to handle a large number of clients with varying sequence listing requirements but also ensured compliance with the latest ST26 standards and maintained the quality and accuracy of the sequence listings. Our sequence listing service resulted in a significant reduction in the time and resources required to generate sequence listings, providing cost savings to the client and improving the efficiency of its biotech patent operations.

Why Choose TSLC’s Sequence Listing Service?

Here’s what separates us from other sequence listing service providers:

  • A dedicated team of 40+ IP experts with advanced degrees in life sciences and biotechnology.
  • Experience in delivering hundreds of sequence listing projects every week.
  • A team adept in all advanced sequence listing preparation software, including WIPO Sequence Suite, BiSSAP, and PatentIn.
  • Track record of handling sequence listings of up to 2.5 million sequences.
  • Instant scalability options to manage large projects with strict deadlines.
  • Our sequence listing service has helped more than 5000 clients achieve patent success.


The Sequence Listing Company was able to provide an innovative solution that streamlined the process of generating sequence listings for a top-tier IAM 500 law firm. By developing multiple algorithms and implementing a rigorous three-level check process, TSLC delivered high-quality sequence listings with accuracy and compliance with the latest ST26 standards within the given resources and time constraints. This innovative solution not only saved time and resources for the law firm but also improved its efficiency and reputation in the biotech and genomics patent application process.

TSLC has helped numerous law firms and biotech companies in their patent application process. If you are also seeking an expert partner for your sequence listing needs, then we can be a great choice. Our team of life sciences professionals are adept in converting ST25 to ST26 listings and preparing fresh sequence listings that adhere to the ST25 standard. You can visit our ST26 sequence listing service page to know more about our expertise and experience in the domain.

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