Biological Sequence Searching: New Tools & Advancements

Biological molecules like DNA, RNA, and proteins form from a continuous chain of nucleotide bases or amino acids we refer to as a biological sequence. Biological molecules serve an important role in both humans and animals. It is crucial to utilize biological molecule expertise in areas such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and biotechnology. In bioinformatics[…]


Biological Sequencing Techniques – Role in DNA Sequencing

Biological research activities in the past few years have helped mankind in multiple areas such as medical diagnosis, evolving biotechnology, using forensic biology, virology, and biological systematics. Further, all these developments would not have been possible without the knowledge of DNA sequences. And biological sequencing techniques are the tools that help in acquiring the knowledge of DNA sequences. Thus, the[…]


Finding Homologous Species – Biological Sequence Analysis

Our surroundings comprises of distinct unicellular and multicellular organisms. With many new organisms being discovered daily. However the challenge that lies in front of biological scientists is to identify their association with already discovered organisms. This is where the role of biological sequence analysis becomes important and worthy. It plays an important role in patenting[…]


Sequence Listing USPTO Standard (Precise Format)

Sequence listing USPTO is an indispensable part of the patent application while filing. Sequence listings become a part of your biological patents where amino acid and nucleotide sequences disclosure is mandatory. Indeed there is a certain sequence listing USPTO standards for filing sequence listings in both national and international applications. Sequence Listing USPTO Standard: Key[…]

Sequence Listing Errors - You Must Avoid

Sequence Listing Errors – You Must Avoid

Looking forward to a biological and biotechnological patent, sequence listing is inevitable to your patent application. Make sure you prepare the sequences that are as per the standards and are free from sequence listing errors. Abiding the sequence listing rules is as important as following the other patent application guidelines. In this article, we will[…]